Dianne Chalmers

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Cell: (864) 430-2305

With over sixteen years of experience in real estate, Dianne is well versed in almost every facet of the industry.

She began her career in appraisals where she not only learned how to properly measure homes, and then confirm the measurements, but also developed the ability to discern every advantage and pitfall of a property.

After spending two years in appraisals, she entered an eleven year tenure in an attorney’s office. It was there that she taught herself the ins and the outs of loans, titles, and closings.

Wanting a change, Dianne then moved into the mortgage services industry where she focused on foreclosures. This experience afforded her a much deeper dive into mortgages, deeds, and notes.

This level of versatility gives her a unique and unparalleled perspective as an agent. However, it’s her sociability, honesty, and commitment that she prides herself most on. Having raised two sons with her husband of 30 years while building her career, Dianne’s now eager to help other families find the perfect home where they can accomplish all of the same.

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